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Learning to snorkel can be intimidating but its worth it!

With just a few simple tips you can enjoy a whole new world below the surface of the ocean.

Once you're comfortable in the water you get to experience the ocean first hand.

“Charter Oahu is a great place to come practice and enjoy snorkeling with professional lifeguards that can assist you with getting comfortable in the ocean.”

Whether you're new to snorkeling all together or have been a few times it can be a bit tricky to figure out. Check out these tips and tricks to have an even better experience!

Tips and tricks

  • Defog your mask. Make sure you add some de-fog to your mask before entering the water. This will keep your visibility clear throughout your swim.

  • Start by using a form of floatation to help keep you buoyant and on top of the water. This will make it easy so you won't have to focus so hard on swimming. A wetsuit can be worn and will greatly help you float and stay warm.

  • Practice breathing through the snorkel without fully exhaling. This way if you do get some water in your mouth you have air to easily blow it out then return to breathing. We call that "clearing your snorkel"

  • Use your fins to slowly kick around while remembering to relax. When you are calm in the water the sea life (turtles, fish, dolphins) will see that and be much more likely to swim near you.

  • Always remember to take a look above the water and keep track of your positioning in relation to the boat so you don't swim or drift too far away.

All of Charter Oahu's crew are Hawaii Certified Lifeguards and will be assisting you while in the water. They will Guide you to the best spots to see the most marine wildlife in the area and point out things you may have missed hiding on the bottom. We look forward to seeing you soon on one of our charters. Aloha!

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We had a wonderful experience with Charter Oahu. The girls were very helpful . We had our 4 years old daughter with us who was uncomfortable in the water so they went out of the way and made her sit on a surfing board and watched her while me and my husband enjoyed the snorkeling experience. We saw turtles and different kinds of fish. We got the package of underwater photography which was great.


Lisa Tru
Lisa Tru
Jul 04, 2023

Had a fantastic time with the snorkel girls who taught us a lot about the safety and tips and tricks on snorkeling. Felt very reassured and had so much fun. Got the photo package for $35 and the photos and videos were good. If you want more videos and photos and what kind you need to let the photographer know ahead of time.


What an awesome way to start a Hawaiian vacation! Communication with these gals was exceptional!

Our crew, which consisted of Chelsea, doing the land chores, Meg, captaining the boat, Angelina, doing the photographing and Alex, making sure everyone was safe and having a great time.

Never having snorkelers before, we had no idea what we were doing. We had some trouble at first, which was immediately noticed by the crew and they took all steps necessary to get us going . We wound up having the best experience seeing 6 turtles at once that seemed almost unreal, not to mention numerous species of fish and coral.

If you are thinking of snorkeling with the turtles, please give charter Oahu …


Had the best experience today Snorkeling. We saw numerous turtles and fish. My 4yo daughter was with us and when she became uncomfortable in the water the crew didn’t hesitate to bring her back on the boat so I could keep snorkeling. Captain Lorin and Alex went out of their way to give us a great experience and to stop so we could see the dolphins. 5 star experience with a 5 star crew. Definitely will do this again. Thank you


Donald Sheppard
Donald Sheppard
Feb 27, 2022

Today was the first time I snorkeled in years, it was great fun! The sea turtles were amazing and all colorful fish… wow! The boat crew were patient & knowledgeable! Had a great time - Thank You!

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